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D.A.S. Technologies Inc. Mission Statement

Our mission here at D.A.S. Technologies Inc. is to employ precision Swiss CNC lathes to provide manufacturing concerns in Southwestern Michigan and surrounding communities a premium source for precision machined components at unparalleled value enhancing their product and “Exceeding their Expectations”.

D.A.S. Technologies Inc. Vision Statement

It is our vision here at D.A.S. Tech to develop and grow a company focused on our mission of “exceeding expectations”.  Not only exceeding the expectations of our customers but also the expectations of our employees and the expectations of our community.  We believe that generosity of spirit should be the fundamental tool used in “exceeding expectations”.   Producing premium quality products, providing exemplary service, timely deliveries, friendly professional communication, going the extra mile with no expectations of payment, gratitude, or compensation is the definition of our generous spirit.  We believe that our generosity of spirit will breed goodwill and loyalty in our customers and employees and we believe that generosity is contagious and will serve to augment a sense of wellbeing in our customers, our employees and our community.  

We have recently added a new Tsugami B0206 Mrk III lathe and also replaced an older machine with a new B0206 Mrk III, giving us a total of seven production machines!  We are adding a new Tesker thread rolling machine in December, and in 2018 we will replace our exiting Tesker thread rolling machine with a new automated model. As a manufacturer in Paw Paw, MI, we will be exploring the possibility of adding a CMM to our quality control lab as well.  We are currently in the planning stages for a new more efficient facility which will increase our per machine production by minimizing wasted time and effort. We hope to move in fall of 2018. After moving into our new facility, we intend to continue adding production machines at a comfortable pace.