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Stainless Steel Parts Manufacturer for Stove Appliance in Paw Paw, MI


Let D.A.S. Tech prepare a special part for your manufacturing process. We make the parts you need, whether you make motor vehicles, appliances, or other machinery. We will provide you with superior components.


When D.A.S. Tech in Paw Paw, MI, handles your parts production for commercial machinery, you benefit from the latest machining technology. We use Swiss Tsugami machines to manufacture parts from a variety of materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, some plastics, and nylon. We work with stress-proof, heat treated, and cold rolled steel.

The components we create for you on our multi-axis machines means we create precise parts. We also offer thread rolling in our facility or outsource it, depending on the nature of the work.

Finishing Services

Allow us to provide complete finishing services for you that include chrome and zinc applications, and powder coating. We clean all parts to your precise specifications.

Safe Handling

You benefit when we provide packaging and handling which includes personal delivery. Your unique parts will never be damaged in shipping.

Large and Small Parts

What are your parts requirements? We can easily make a component as small as .040 millimeters in diameter or an item up to 22 millimeters in diameter. We've even made a part up to 70 inches long.

Final Inspection

Your finished parts will be scrutinized and checked for perfection. We have an assortment of inspection equipment including optical comparators and profilometers, to measure the surface area and capture a true radius.

Here When You Need a Parts Manufacturer in Paw Paw, MI

Our company is the go-to choice for parts manufacturing. As your parts manufacturer in Paw Paw, MI, we provide superior products tailored to match your specific needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that we are an excellent choice for a wide range of manufactured parts, all made with the utmost attention to detail and with exceptional quality.

The Benefits of Custom Machining

There are many reasons why custom machining from our experienced company is such an excellent choice. First, having a part machined to your exact specifications ensures that you are satisfied with it. We save you the trouble of having to work with parts that don’t match your requirements exactly. Second, custom parts enable you to stick to your original plans, instead of changing them because you are missing a critical part. Finally, with custom-machined parts from our experienced pros, you can be certain that we will fulfill your order promptly, according to your specific needs.

Your Aluminum Parts Manufacturer

When you hire us as your go-to aluminum parts manufacturer, you can be sure that we’ll provide you with quality parts when you need them. Aluminum parts are lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and highly sustainable, to name just a few factors. We recognize the value of aluminum, and we focus on ensuring that all of our aluminum parts live up the high standards we’ve set.

Exceptional Brass Parts

Trust our company to be your top source for brass parts. We have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that all of your brass parts live up to exceptionally high standards of quality. Our company’s reputation matters to us and we will do whatever it takes to uphold that reputation. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Exceeding All Expectations

Our company is dedicated to surpassing your expectations every time we manufacture a part for you. In everything we do, we focus on making sure that you are pleased with our products. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; it would be our pleasure to serve you.


Are you in search for some custom plastic parts? D.A.S. Tech helps you get exactly what you need. As your trusted plastic parts manufacturer in Paw Paw, MI, we create parts for your appliances, automobiles, or anything else in-between. Thanks to our impressive manufacturing process, you can always rely on us to deliver the parts you need without delay.

Plastic parts manufactured by our team aren’t just lightweight; they are also designed to be strong enough to handle the job they are supposed to do. This dependability means you can come to our manufacturer with confidence when you are in need of any plastic appliance parts or plastic automobile parts. Everything is made to your exact specifications to ensure that the parts fit and work just as they should.

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us, and we know the only way to achieve it is to consistently exceed your expectations through our products, services, and prices. With that in mind, our team always goes the extra mile for our clients to ensure they feel confident turning to us whenever they need plastic parts manufactured for them.

Contact us in Paw Paw, Michigan, for all of your parts manufacturing needs. We are honored to serve our local customers.